Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Some stuff in my head. Long Post

So today I decided to check this old blog out...and I will start with

HELLO. ..-echos-.... Well again , remembering what email and password I used for this blog is very tough since I've went through lots of emails and cringe worthy passwords in my early days...what was I thinking.

Secondly, god white background, guess that old carbon background is gone.

Thirdly, no, no new mods. I will..kinda explain..somehow somewhere under this.

Well, I started this blog as a 13 or 14 year old boy now i'm 22? time has indeed flies.

Before that like some other people, I played GTA SA on the ps2..such a fun game. few years later after i finished my "PSR" Exam, we had this long holiday till the next school reopens which is the next following year. I spent that holiday with some fun things and later found out about GTA SA on PC and Mods from my fellow Bestfriend who owns a 'OK' laptop at that time after passing his exam started playing it at my house. Ya know back when SAMI installer to install Car mods with the only few cars that existed and they we're mostly either scratch made or converted from NFS, truly respect the old modelers.

At some point, we found SA:MP. I don't remember what version that was but we first type in the search box was 'drift' and lots of server came out and lots of em was actually lively(unlike today-cough-) joining random servers Stunt/Drift whatever which has actually Fun stuff in it filled with Awesome People.The first server I went to and met an awesome Aussie guy/Owner of the Server/IT guy was Holden1 and Tycho(idr how hes name was spelled) who taught us the ropes of SA:MP and how to install SAkina using imgtool lol.. and made us Admin of the server later on. Sadly, we have lost contact after Hotmail Messenger was shutdown and to most of the other people who haven't known my skype also. Other than that i guess [SD]? server, we used to have fun with not only elegy's but other random cars were actually used and going downhill race from the map above Big Ear.

At the middle of this we have already started playing RC Drift Cars and made Team S.S.D, went through some competitions as one of the youngest RC Drifter back then, the others drifters were mostly at their 20s or married. Honestly, with the money I spent on RC stuff, I could work on my actual car right now. Back to GTA again, So we brought our RC Drift Team S.S.D to GTA SA:MP as a Clan since that what they called it. I don't have big expectations that it will grow at all when it started. We first started recruiting Holden1, Kelvin who is now known as Kenta?, later Keisuke followed by Ryosuke and Yohsuke and then random I don't remember their names. I know most of these guys from Youtube and somehow we became friends and they helped the team grew.

So now after all that, The Start of My Modding. I first started as a "Paintjob" Maker, just slapping random stuff to an existing cars or mods using their existing mapping by guessing where they are since I don't even know how to remap and most don't have templates. Later, I started to do random parts step by step and later like other newbies do, grab parts from random cars and just slap them on.. All of that to understand how modding works. After years and years our skill grow and grow and all of that is what i have shown on my previous posts. After years more people have somehow know about my existence, I came to a server and some knew who I was or there was a fake Yazzy with SSD tag in the server which was actually funny so I used a different name to have fun with em. So now I don't use Yazzy name in SA:MP anymore as i didn't like the attention.

After Years of Modding I realized, What The Actual Fuck Am I Doing. Where is the Fun in this? Where was the Fun? Most of us have Trust Issues . None of us have Fun together again. Its Sad. I missed the days when we actually have fun, a simple "Hey Lets Twin Drift at /Drift1 Again!" was great. This might still exist but the old everyday fun will never come back. There is no reason to stay in a server for so long till you forget about the time anymore. Now its just "Hey wanna help me with a video?" that's the only reason to go on a server nowadays.

So Why did I Stopped Modding and GTA?
Well, simple answer I just grew up. If you look up, I just lost the fun and I have lost interest. I tried to find that interest again even for GTA 4 & GTA 5 but I gave up. GTA is just Not Worth It anymore.

So what am i doing now?
I just finished my diploma, still a long road ahead of either trying for more further studies of either moving out of this country for better education or just find a well pay job. My new fun is in other games, if you have been following my youtube channel its now Assetto Corsa drift videos since all they do is just race or drift and nothing else and my 2nd channel for MMORPG is still growing slowly.

Why I Started Playing MMORPGs?
with GTA, there is no actual thing, its just free-roam random stuff. I lost my reason to stay. So i tried to find something that will make me stay and  progress slowly with my character, and after playing lots of RPG games, Mabinogi was the answer to me. It takes years to finish every talent in the game and i'm not even done yet, Game Content is still going. Followed by my guild in the game and trying to make it grow is the reason I stay.

For S.S.D, it is obvious, The team S.S.D in real live and from GTA ,my bestfriend and my self have all split up to different ways doing our own thing. It is sad but its been a long great run. I'm quite thankful for all of the member support over the years and Yohsuke made team video for us.

With all that I am sorry for the long post which some of you might not read and might not understand what i just typed, i actually have no idea what i just typed, honestly it just came out of my head and i just typed it in as i go.. guess i will put a tl/dr at the very bottom..

Thanks to some people who have support me and given me tips -
my Bestfriend Mawi/Caltson
MR Vorbis
Other people who support me anonymously
..and the list goes.

Its already 2am now, my eyes are getting heavy... that's all i have in my mind at the moment.

So lastly i will say, I am sorry if i have offend any of you or said anything wrong, Thank you for all the years of support you guys have given me for all the things i never though i could do. Its been a great run.

tl;dr Story of how i started, Stopped cause I found it no longer fun and have grown up.  I just finished my Diploma(yay) going to further education. Team S.S.D have split up. Sorry and Thankyou.

Extra Latest Videos from my Youtube Channels
Assetto Corsa -

Mabinogi -


Saturday, 24 October 2015

A W.I.P and Other Stuff

Didn't really expect to do something until This Guy converted the M4 to SA which I've been waiting for. So thanks to em.

I know this is different from what I've been doing in the past but yea taste kept on changing xD.

I haven't been playing GTA V PC for a looong time now. I had a few colleger who I played with but we stopped playing after like 2 months.So sadly for GTA V, I wont be doing any mods for it.

anyhow, this is my daily.

 Its not a M4, just a F30 but heck. :c

 I'm still playing the MMORPG I mention on my previous post.
My lastest video on it -



Thursday, 16 April 2015

S13 to IV wip



Friday, 10 April 2015



Hello, its been a while since I check this blog or any gta stuff actually.

Well recently I got this GTA V PC hype(lol) and got my new laptop last year and recently a new desktop cause my old desktop(RIP 2007-2015) that I used to work on for gta mods whatsoever finally meet its end.So..i recently installed a few games and gta iv was one of em which finally works fine compare to my old desktop, I decided to play around and convert my old s13 which idk if I even ever going to fix it since i lost that modding touchish.

Soo this picture is my first attempt of the s13 in game after years of not modding GTA.

Can't really remember how to convert to IV so I struggle with it lol
I did a few GTA SA to IV converts before back in 2010-11 which are...

Other than that just a few quick keyshot render i made last year out of bordem

Guess thats it for now.


Sunday, 18 May 2014

Rx7 FD3S Vertex v2 for Download

Hi guys, Yazzy here just to release this rx7 from few post below in 2011 sadly I haven't touch it since. It has been sitting in my pendrive for quite some time now and was planning to put it for download long time ago but too lazy to upload it but today I finally upload it.


Well, enjoy the car.


Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year 2014!

Hello guys, Happy New Year!
 its been a long time since I actually look at this blog xD.Im sorry for my sudden disappearance a year ago and uh..the reason was my hdd wouldn't stop being a bish, had replaced it for about 4? times and hopefully it won't happened again.In other words I actually lost all of my stuff which i plan to finish back then and also I don't have a copy of GTA SA anymore but I do have GTA IV but my desktop is too laggy to handle GTA IV today so meh.

Since then I have been playing a MMO called Mabinogi.
Here's a vid of me ig  telling Happy New Year to random people at Tir

Well, I do  will miss you guys. Hope you guys have a good day and a new year!

buh bai.


Tuesday, 10 April 2012


with a lil ups..few changes...

I drop the full dmax project soo yee