Tuesday, 16 December 2008

ER34 Brunei Drift White And Black Edition Pj By Me!! :p

Im just reposting the latest one i do from my old blog XD copy,paste,copy,paste huh tired XP

Hi ppl!
I just wanted to make a pj for ER34 and i made a pj like 1 of the Brunei Drift Club member and change a lil XD . Mr.Blitz's ER34 BLACK Edition and white cause first he paint his ER34 black and called it ER34 Blitz Black Edition...n now he painted it white...the car is not made by us, Heres some pics...

Black Edition:

http://www.bruneidrift.com/ :p


www.ssdalliance.blogspot.com n http://ssdyazzy.blogspot.com umm...better change that to http://ssd-yazzy.blogspot.com XD

Hi again!

hi ppl, not gonna say much umm, got to repost almost all from my old blog http://ssdyazzy.blogspot.com huh :S

cya ppl