Saturday, 30 October 2010

1st Drift Meeting

Well some of u know about the "Drift Meeting" which was held on every Saturday and Sunday on 5pm (GMT+0 london time) on mine it would be on 11:30pm+ (+8GMT) which was by Keisuke . Didn't rly though that we would havve 'problems' about lag and stuff about maximum of 20 ppl bcause if its above 20ppl sure will get kicked of high ping like from 200+ - 500 - 600 (600 was the maximum ping on the DC server) and so i got kicked for having high ping >.< . . .

Kei talk about the rules and the winner can be on Drifters Unleashed

after a few sec when it starts i got kicked again for high ping so i just join them on spec

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


well nothing much , just a 10 mins of editing the body , i will try to make a TS hood for the er34 when i have teh time
tnx to Reimu for the stock er34 :D
and D・K from D・K’s Wheel Shop for the work vs kf rim

btw , u will see the update of the s13 after i know what bumpers to make lol..



Saturday, 16 October 2010

The progress

i dont have much time working on this cause im working on a forum mmmmmmm.....


Thursday, 14 October 2010

S13 Rebuild

s13 was my favorite car and i see my old s13 was nicer than fm3 s13 for the medium poly cause i hate to see high poly model from fm3 (fm3 model is nice but i just dont like high poly >.<)

and so i just find my old s13 when someone asked for it blablabla and now i decided to rebuild some stuff and fix bugs thats shitty and i just made the roof spl which is not finish

more stuff to do
new hood
make the interior more detail
im not sure about remake the lights , jdm headlight maybe
maybe add a spoiler
and lastly ... rice it? na i mean put a rice pj :D na not rly .

im still not active as always so when i have the free time i will try to continue with this.

*note* i change my mind on sending the car . so dont even ask .



Tuesday, 5 October 2010


on the November exam start and i have to do less of this , so no update on my cars . only turn teh pc for 1h and the rest of the day doing something else lol.

testing my new mobile camera
pic of my kittens

meh rc

if u remember on my older post that my rc hit teh wall hard so the paint cracked

i decided to sell this one