Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year 2014!

Hello guys, Happy New Year!
 its been a long time since I actually look at this blog xD.Im sorry for my sudden disappearance a year ago and uh..the reason was my hdd wouldn't stop being a bish, had replaced it for about 4? times and hopefully it won't happened again.In other words I actually lost all of my stuff which i plan to finish back then and also I don't have a copy of GTA SA anymore but I do have GTA IV but my desktop is too laggy to handle GTA IV today so meh.

Since then I have been playing a MMO called Mabinogi.
Here's a vid of me ig  telling Happy New Year to random people at Tir

Well, I do  will miss you guys. Hope you guys have a good day and a new year!

buh bai.