Monday, 29 June 2009

Im Back lol

Umm maybe xD the fc just done with the rear bumper but the body not rly done yet and im continueing my ae86 that im trying to copy mimi's xD , do a another vid maybe .. and tomorrow im gonna watch TRANSFORMERS REVENGE OF THE FALLEN at Mall cinema :D(if u dont like the movie dont say some dumb words -.-) and also if u know how to do some neons and flashing lights with dexx tool on 3dmax of course and put it to Rwanalyze hit me up! lol

cya :P


Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Next Project FC :P

My next project is Mazda Rx-7 FC from D1GP :P


Onevia By Yazzy

hehe i done another car lol called onevia s13 back and sx front :] i dont want to explain much cause im tired right now xD

the sx i just edit it but the bumper is 100% by me of course :)
Tnx to
hanpen for the s13 :]

hope you like it :D


Saturday, 13 June 2009


This blog is gonna be some of my real life and some of gta and other games cause u know already ... soo its gonna be mix with other language :p soo dont complain . And btw i play GRID sometimes on online soo i think you can see me on grid sometimes :p i always be on japan , Remus or HKS Freestlye . My grid name is yazzydrift or was it yazzy_drift :s ahh u will know when you saw me lol
cya .