Friday, 10 April 2015



Hello, its been a while since I check this blog or any gta stuff actually.

Well recently I got this GTA V PC hype(lol) and got my new laptop last year and recently a new desktop cause my old desktop(RIP 2007-2015) that I used to work on for gta mods whatsoever finally meet its end.So..i recently installed a few games and gta iv was one of em which finally works fine compare to my old desktop, I decided to play around and convert my old s13 which idk if I even ever going to fix it since i lost that modding touchish.

Soo this picture is my first attempt of the s13 in game after years of not modding GTA.

Can't really remember how to convert to IV so I struggle with it lol
I did a few GTA SA to IV converts before back in 2010-11 which are...

Other than that just a few quick keyshot render i made last year out of bordem

Guess thats it for now.


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